50's tone with "hard aged" appearance
Position : Neck,Middle,Bridge

60's tone with "hard aged" appearance
Position : Neck,Middle,Bridge

"hard aged" : $390/set
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With our extensive experience rewinding original vintage pickups, we've used our knowledge to create a series of 50's (RV-5661) and 60's (RV-6264)series pickups that comes as close to the original as anyone.

Raw Vintage Pickups, RV-5661 (50's tone) and RV-6264 (60's tone) were introduced with Aged finish at NAMM 2009 and they were well received by many professional musicians. For NAMM 2010, we will release Special Limited Edition "Hard Aged" version of these models. "Hard Aged" models are profoundly relic'd for that well worn vintage look.
As a special edition, each set will come with a vintage style capacitor (RV-CAP0.1mf), like what was used from the 50's until the early 60's.

Vintage Style Capacitor (RV-CAP0.1 micro F)

For the Raw Vintage "Hard Aged" set, we selected the best capacitor that fit our pickups best. We even made it look vintage. With a genuine Beeswax coating, which was common in the mid 50's or without the Beeswax coating, more common in the later 50's, these capacitors provide 0.1 F/150VDC of capacitance. Making it truly Raw Vintage.