Humbucker pickups that came into the market in the late 1950's achieved their legendary status as they marked the history with multitudes of sublime performances. These pickups were manufactured within a very short period of time, which makes them extremely rare. And they are sought after by many players not only for their scarcity, but because of their unique tone and presence that distinguish them between other pickups.
Raw Vintage took a shot at recreating these humbucker pickups using the same developmental approach for the RV-5661 and RV-6264 pickups. In the early stages of development, data was collected from several vintage pickups and prototypes were created using carefully selected materials.

RV-5760 Open Black - Neck (aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $200
RV-5760 BLK-N-G

RV-5760 Open Black - Bridge (aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $200
RV-5760 BLK-B-G

RV-5760-NA Open Black - Neck (non-aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $170
RV-5760-NA BLK-N-G

RV-5760-NA Open Black - Bridge (non-aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $170
RV-5760-NA BLK-B-G

RV-5760-NA Open Black - Bridge (non-aged) -
Fender Space (53mm) $170
RV-5760-NA BLK-B-F

RV-5760 w/Nickel Cover - Neck (aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $270
RV-5760 w/Nickel-N-G

RV-5760 w/Nickel Cover - Bridge (aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $270
RV-5760 w/Nickel-B-G

RV-5760-NA w/Nickel Cover - Neck (non-aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $230
RV-5760-NA w/Nickel-N-G

RV-5760-NA w/Nickel Cover - Bridge (non-aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $230
RV-5760-NA w/Nickel-B-G

RV-5760-NA w/Nickel Cover - Bridge (non-aged) -
Fender Space (53mm) $230
RV-5760-NA w/Nickel-B-F

RV-5760 w/Gold Cover - Neck (aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $280
RV-5760 w/Gold-N-G

RV-5760 w/Gold Cover - Bridge (aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $280
RV-5760 w/Gold-B-G

RV-5760-NA w/Gold Cover - Neck (non-aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $240
RV-5760-NA w/Gold-N-G

RV-5760-NA w/Gold Cover - Bridge (non-aged) -
Gibson Space (49.2mm) $240
RV-5760-NA w/Gold-B-G

RV-5760-NA w/Gold Cover - Bridge (non-aged) -
Fender Space (53mm) $240
RV-5760-NA w/Gold-B-F

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A lot of time was spent selecting the most important element and recreating the winding pattern, of the magnet wire, around the plastic bobbin. The magnet wire for the RV-5760 uses AWG-42 gauge plain enamel wire. These wires were layered with a unique and complicated pattern, engineered to recreate the characteristics of vintage humbuckers. These exclusive standards helped produced rich harmonics and touch sensitivity synonymous with pickups of that age.
We use Alnico 2 bar magnets. They are magnetized before they are put together with coil-bobbin and magnetic flux is stabilized using a unique process. During the magnetizing process, adjustments are made to ensure that the magnetic force is not saturated within the magnet.
All the elements valuable to the vintage specifications are included in the RV-5760, including the nickel-silver base plate, hard maple wood spacer and plated-shielded cable. Similar to the vintage models, the optional pickup cover is made with a Nickel-Silver material The coating is done "old-style", with pure nickel without the copper base.
Available in Nickel or 24K gold and also in an aged appearance for both types.

Non Aged


Pickups leaflet 2012 PDF (1MB)
  RV5760, N-G RV5760, B-G RV5760, B-F
DC Resistance 7.5KΩ, +/-2% 8.0KΩ, +/-2% 8.3KΩ, +/-2%
Inductance 4.2H, +/-2% 4.7H, +/-2% 4.85H, +/-2%
Polarity Same as Gibson Same as Gibson Same as Gibson
Potted or Unpotted Un Potted Un Potted Un Potted
Magnet Alnico2 Alnico2 Alnico2
Polepiece Spacing 49.2mm 49.2mm 53.0mm
Output Cable 2 Conductor 2 Conductor 2 Conductor
User comments
Josh Smith
I recently started using Raw Vintage Humbucking pickups and they are everything I have been looking for in a vintage style humbucker. Incredibly fat with just the right amount of gain without being muddy at all. They respond very well to picking attack and clean up great with the volume knob. I love them and wish I had found them sooner!
Josh Smith
Steve Stevens
There are so many guitar pickups on the market that choosing a set can be downright baffling. If you are looking for a true PAF style pickup made to the exact standards that were used in days gone by, you can't find a better pickup then the Raw Vintage series. If you can't afford a 59 Les Paul, why not get the next best thing, a true 59 replica pickup. I am not paid to endorse Raw Vintage pickups, i use em' because they sound incredible. / August-2011.
Michael Thompson
I feel that the Raw Vintage Humbucker has all the qualities that I look for in a humbucker. It's clear, powerful and has touch sensitivity - I love this pickup.

(Michael Thompson demo video clip. Check out more video clips HERE !)